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Explore stories both young and old through the artwork presented here. Myths and legends, heroes and heroines, fairytales and adventures. That which may have been and that which might possibly be.

Artist's Sketchbook

On this page you'll see drawing from sketchbooks, thumbnail sketches and preliminary drawings for future paintings and other pieces.


"Sorceror's Apprentice"

Here's a side by side comparision between the intial thumbnail sketch and a later more polished version of the idea.

"She Snail"

An idea I had for four decades and was finally able to find a pose that made this imaginary creature seem possible



Working on a drawing

Hylas Nymphs

"Hylas & the Nymphs"

This is the first thumbnail sketch for an upcoming painting "Hylas & the Nymphs, based on the tale from greek mythology.

Hylas & the Nymphs 2

After much worked this is the finished drawing on which the painting will be built

Pandora Hope

"Wicked Witch" and "A Portrait of Who"

Two possible future painitngs. On the right is the finished drawing for "A Portrait of Who - 1887" and on the left the rough sketch of for "Wicked Witch"