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Just who is this guy?

Joseph Bellofatto is a full time artist and illustrator currently residing in the suburbs of Washington DC., in nothern Virginia. He began his interest in art when he first pciked up a pencil and it's been a long, hard and joyous struggle since then to meet the stanards of those he admires in the pantheon or art. His primary interest art interest lies in mythological stories and tales and bring them to life with a pencil pen or brush. On the illustration side he enjoy crafting fantasy and science-fiction images for various publications. His primary mediums are: graphite, ink and oils.

The artist's fine art work can be found in various exhibitons in the mid-Atlantic region and attending a few art fairs. He also travels the eastern part of the country to attend various conventions where he exhibits and sells his work. HIs most favorites are: DragonCon (august), AwesomeCon (June), Illuxcon (October) and Spectrum Art Live (April).

Joseph Bellofatto has won awards several shows, has been twice nominated for a Chesley Award from the Association of Science-Fiction and Fantasy Artist Association (ASFA) and has had his work appear in three editions of the annual published by owners of Infected by Art and it's corresponding website. The artist's work has also been published in the annual salon competition catalogue publishd by the Art Renewal Center.

Artist's Schedule

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The artist travels to various art shows in the USA, primarily east of the Mississippi. One can also find his work being shown in gallery exhibits, primarily on the east coast.

Info for Artists

On this page you'll find art documents in both PDF and Word format for your those interested in expanding their skills and knowledge in art technique, history and business.